Monday, January 26, 2009

Dare we hope?

Here we are...
Less than a week into a new Presidency and so far Prez Obama has signed legislation to:

1. Repeal a ban on giving US funds to off shore organizations (like reproductive counseling in Africa) who offer abortion as an

2. Require the shut down of Guantanamo Bay, and other secret prisons on foreign shores

3. Ban the use of torture ("enhanced interrogation methods" HAH) by our military, by the CIA and other Black Ops Groups

4. Removed EPA restrictions allowing the states to pursue more stringent standards for fuel efficiency and emissions control

Each day seems to bring the start of another campaign promise fulfilled.

Wow..Dare we hope? Dare we hope that health is on the way? Dare we hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel?

The Prez is going to have private meetings with the Senate Republicans and the House Republicans to ask them this:
What is it going to take to get you to sign off on this economic stimulus package?

How direct! How honest! How refreshing!

It's gonna scare the shit out of them!

I say "Bring it on!"

and yes, I'm daring to hope...for a future for me and my loved ones.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Life Goes On


On the eve of the Inauguration my room mate said that someone he works with "can't wait for Obama to screw up so he can say "I told you so" "

It makes me so sad. Here we are..the economy a mess after 8 years of what is going to shake out as the worst president in the history of the office..and people are HOPING that he fails!

GET REAL PEOPLE.....if he fails THERE WON'T BE MUCH OF AMERICA LEFT!! There won't be money to buy homes, there won't be jobs for us and for our kids!! What is with these fucking people???

I have another friend who really believes that Obama's plans for the economy mean that "they" will reach into his personal bank accounts and take money away from him. He is one of those people who had himself convinced that HE was part of that 250k+ income that Obama hopes to tax more fairly. It has never made sense to me that the more you made the less you paid.

Money has not been moving around down here where I live in a long long time. I'm hopeful that Obama can start this on the mend.

As I get ready to start school..I"m hoping that he is successful in his plan because then there will be student loan money, maybe some grant money for me..Grad school is expensive!

I'm glad that I have the opportunity to witness my gay friends get married, and this's history. I am sad that yet again a viable, dynamic, qualified woman had to step aside for a man..but our day will come.

til next time

Thursday, January 01, 2009

JEEZ this is getting to be a habit!

Well...another year has gone much for resolving to keep better journaling.

Ok, I'll stop beating myself up now..

I'll beat up on the country and on the pseudo liberals here in California.

I'm still in stunned disbelief that greed has been so rampant as to bring our national economy to near collapse. What were we doing as the mechanisms of oversight failed miserably. We were busy spending money that did not exist!

And what were we doing as Prop 8 failed? The marriages of my loved ones are in jeopardy! What was I doing? I was assuming that reason and common sense would prevail.

Silly me.

My TS friend are having some space. It's a good thing. She needs the world to turn around her right now..and honestly I need the world to turn around me! As I begin my Grad School time..I'm happy and content to focus on how the heck I"m gonna pay for it and how I'm gonna get the work done while still working 40 hours per week.

If I build it, they will come..I know I can do this. One foot in front of the other, one step at a time, one day at a WILL happen.