Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What's goin on here part 3


The next layer of knowledge that I've stumbled over is that here in Southern California there are but a handfull of therapists who are trained or interested in helping TS people, and their SO's..well shit who cares about them? The Answer is NOBODY!

Yes folks, in this state of tree huggers and self help groups..these people are isolated, alone and ashamed. This was the impetus for the direction change in my education..see my bio blub on this page.

I met a wonderful TS woman recently who, two days before our meeting, had just received legal paperwork that her ex in-laws, 4 states away, are going to sue to take full custody of her children and then prohibit them from seeing her ever again.

What's the deal here? Have these assholes never heard the axiom: "Live and let live"? My friend is not even in the state. The children are with the grandparents by arrangement after the death of their mom, they are teenagers and its in their best interest to not be uprooted. My friend left for California for employment purposes. The inlaws have to reach into her life and fuck with her by remote control. I wonder what excuse they will give God when he asks them what the fuck this was about?

So when I met my friend, she was shattered, yet resigned..because you see this sort of treatment is typical.

We should be ashamed of ourselves.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

What's goin on here - Redux

So, a friend of mine recently came out to me as a transitioning M2F Trans Sexual. After I got over the initial shock of such news, after all I've known this person for many years as one gender, I started the process of wrapping my head around it so that I can be of better help to him as he becomes her.

This is the first of several entrys concerning this phenom.

I thought that the attitude of fundamentals took the cake in regards to issues of homosexuality..but the way TS's are treated by the world is truly appalling. These people usually live without intimacy in their lives either sexually or relationally. Sexual relationships are a risk because "men" get violent when they find out, and their friends and family reject them because they perceive this as a choice or some sort of fetish behavior.

It makes my heart ache..

more to follow