Monday, February 21, 2005

Somebody has to explain to is gay marriage a threat?

In a RATIONAL way (I use this heading because I know that there is no rationale to the question I'm about to ask)

How can gay marriage POSSIBLY be a threat to marriage between a straight man and a straight woman????
huh???? how????

Seems to me, living here in rainy southern Calif..a place where ALL marriages - which happen to be currently limited to one man and one woman - have a LESS THAN 45% SUCCESS RATE...that the only threat to marriage IS marriage!!

Now don't even try to dish "christian" at me. I AM christian, I know what the "book" sayz and you know marriage isn't even mentioned in it!

RATIONAL reasons people..give it a try. But you can't find any can you???? Know why?

Because this is irrational bully behavior. Aimed at controlling the actions you don't like of people that you like even less!

Since when did we start bending the purpose of the Constitution to DEPRIVE people of unalienable rights????

come on! try to prove me wrong! I dare ya!



Blogger PennyPengo said...

So I just got back from Boston on a biz trip. I had the pleasure/privilege to meet a young woman who is engaged to her partner Nicola. They will be married in Sept. 2006.

You know, religious reasons aside...I'm surprised that the wedding industry isn't all over this..just think about it..two women, two dresses (or not) two rings, two sets of flowers, there are bucks to be made here!

Never the less..Gina was the bubbly bride to be. What a special state to live in. MA. Legal marriage. They still have to deal with fed. issues like inheritance taxes and stuff. but I have faith..this too shall pass.


8:36 AM  
Blogger PennyPengo said...


A Calif state supreme court judge today ruled unconstitutional the ban on gay marriage!!

one step closer!

4:12 PM  
Blogger mel mel said...

I see nothing wrong with same sex marriage. And I do not see how same sex marriage would be considered 'dangerous' or whatever to heterosexual marriage. My goodness, gay couples see to stay together longer than hetero ones!

2:45 PM  

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