Saturday, May 02, 2009

Apathy Redux

Here we are just past 100 days of the new Prez's term.

Things are getting better
The other side is still hyper-critizing every single thing...
in hugely negative terms, and yet offering no viable solutions of their own
except for the usual shit..

All the work that the government is doing won't mean squat if the banks don't start moving money...we can't help the auto industry bankrupcy if we can't get car loans and if our cc interest rates keep escalating!

Their offerings are down right scary, and the moderate ones are deserting
the ship. What a strange time. The world must think we're nuts..squabling within our ranks like children.

Then on top of it ..swine flu...
in the world and earthquakes in Calif.

In my house we have been really really really working hard to get our water usage down..we just got a new bill..and it's up 100!!!
Now it's down 60% from last year at this time..but JEEEZ...the harder we try to save the more our money doesn't go anywhere..

I think we all need to fasten our seatbelts and hang on it's gonna be a rough ride this summer.

this rant is over!