Monday, February 06, 2006

What's Goin on Here part 4

You know I"m ok with knowing someone who is transitioning most of the time. But when I hear on the news about the
latest hate crime perpetrated against a gay or lesbian person or a TS I get so scared for my friend.

These civilized males..who run the country and tell us women types how we shall be..they KILL people they don't like, or are threatened by.

I really want to be able to protect my friend, but I know that sooner or later most likely something bad will happen to him.

When we're in public places he gets "read" as female all the time. When he goes into the men's room, I worry if he takes along time to come out. I start to plan what I will do if he does not show up soon.

What is with that??? Why do you straight all powerful men have to try to destroy anything that is different from you? Why is the immediate tendency toward violence??? Are you latent? Are you burying your true selves??

This is such a wierd place to be in.